CNITA Compass Adjusters

All MCA qualified

To comply with SOLAS and MCA regulations, you must ensure compasses are adjusted at least every two years by a qualified compass adjuster. Failure to do so may cause danger to shipping in general and delays to your vessel by order of Port State Control Inspectors.

Our members will always attend the vessel as required and will never compromise the quality or accuracy of their work by engaging in “remote adjusting” from the comfort of their sheds.

We will supply a fully completed deviation card signed by the adjuster together with their MCA qualification number for your onboard records.

To ensure your full compliance

Please contact any of our members below for your next compass adjustment.

148 CHOPPERAlfredB Cooke & Sons+44 (0) 1482 223454
162 CGUNNThomasPoseidon Navigation Services+44 (0) 1542 841245
164 CROBERTSONBryanJohn Lilley & Gillie+44 (0) 7810 154746
167 CMIDDLEMISSPeter JamesJohn Lilley & Gillie+44 (0) 191 2704260
170 CGARRODPeterMarine Instrument Calibration+44 (0) 7889 124503
173 CGOODRUMMartinAberdeen Compass Adjusting+44 (0) 7717 898085
178 CNORRISAdamSeath Instruments+44 (0) 7966 005357
179 CRAMOSAlejandroBaldi Marine (Cadiz)+34 609 528 225

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