Counterfeit Products

The CNITA has recently observed an increase in the number of counterfeit products working its way into the market.

The CNITA urges all purchasers, users, inspectors and regulators to be vigilant for counterfeit products and to report any counterfeit products either direct to the supplier or to the CNITA using the contact form below.

These products have not been issued officially by or on the authority of a Government, authorised Hydrographic Office or other relevant Government institution and do not satisfy the carriage requirements of the International Convention on the Safety of Life at Sea (see Chapter V, Regulations 2.2 and of the Convention). Furthermore, these counterfeit ADMIRALTY products have not undergone the rigorous checking procedures which take place for official versions, posing a significant safety risk to vessels, crews and cargo.

The UKHO have produced a simple guide to help you identify genuine ADMIRALTY products and reduce the risk of counterfeits being used for navigation. A PDF of this guide can be downloaded using the link below.

In order to combat the continued availability of unauthorised copies of ITU Maritime Publications, the ITU have also published a guide to help identify counterfeit publications. A PDF of this guide can be downloaded using the link below.

To report any counterfeit products, please, complete the form and attached an image of the counterfeit product. (Uploaded images must be less than 5MB and can be any of the following formats: jpg, jpeg, jpe, png).

The CNITA will escalate any reports of counterfeit products to the relevant supplier