Welcome to CNITA

The Chart and Nautical Instrument Trade Association

Membership of the Association is composed of leading global chart and nautical publications distributors, compass manufacturers and compass adjusters.

The Association (CNITA) provides an international forum for companies who supply, manufacture and maintain nautical charts and publications (hard copy and digital), instruments and magnetic compasses.


CNITA has a long-standing relationship with the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) and has regular meetings with senior staff at the UKHO regarding new products, digital charting, distribution, and other topics concerning both chart agents and the end user. Executive committee members of the Association often join UKHO organised working groups which assist with the production of new ADMIRALTY products and services.

Industry Leading Services

Chart Supply and Publication Supply, Paper and Digital

The CNITA counts among its members many leading chart agents who can supply your requirements from a single chart or publication to a world-wide outfit and special folio requirements from comprehensive stocks and print-on-demand in many major ports.

Many CNITA members develop and employ shipboard software enabling the supply and updating of digital charts and publications, incorporating route and passage planning functions.

Setting the Highest Industry Standards​

The CNITA partakes in various marine industry forums to ensure that the highest industry standards are upheld and negotiates with many international committees including The International Maritime Organisation (IMO), the UK Hydrographic Office, Witherby Publishing Group, etc.

Such participation ensures that members stay abreast of regulatory change and even have an influence in the decision-making process.

Advice on Magnetic Compasses​

CNITA works closely with the Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) to ensure the highest standards of training and competence of Compass Adjusters in the UK. The Association’s Compass Adjusters are all highly qualified and have either MCA certification of competence or, for some overseas members, the equivalent qualifications from their local authority.

You can be sure that when you use CNITA Compass adjusters, your compasses will be adjusted and maintained to the full requirements set out in SOLAS Chapter V.

Advice on Nautical Instruments​

Members of the CNITA, many with life-long experience in this field, can advise you when buying all your magnetic compasses and nautical instruments.

Most suppliers provide an instrument repair service combining traditional craftsmanship with modern methods to ensure that instruments are serviced and tested to a high standard.

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