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Chairman – Chart Committee

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The Association was formed as the British Nautical Instrument Trade Association in 1918 to provide a forum in which the mutual interests of companies and individuals active in the areas of nautical instrument manufacturing, distribution and servicing, the adjustment, siting and repair of magnetic compasses and associated equipment, and the supply of charts and other nautical publications, might be discussed and furthered.

In 1996 the Association changed its name to the Chart and Nautical Instrument Trade Association to reflect the presence of a growing number of members from countries around the world.

The principal activities of the Association are currently undertaken by two operational Committees, the Charts and Nautical Publications Committee and the Compass and Nautical Instruments Committee.

The Chart Committee of the Association regularly meets with the UK Hydrographic Office to discuss important matters of mutual interest, such as new products, distribution, and other topics concerning both chart agents and end users. Although chart correction tracings had been in use by the Royal Navy and Admiralty Chart Agents for many years, it was the Chart Committee of the Chart and Nautical Instrument Trade Association that successfully negotiated with the Hydrographer of the Navy for them to become available to the merchant navigator and private user.  


The membership of the Association is composed of some of the leading chart agents in the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office's world-wide distributor network. With the full support of the UK National Hydrographer and leading manufacturers of nautical instruments, members of the Association are able to place their experience and service at the disposal of the shipping industry and all navigators.